Come and enjoy a 360° celebration of love for the great Italian brand at Verona Legend Cars on Sunday 10th May.

The only great gathering dedicated to people's passion for Lancia. This event is organised by the Lancia Club at Verona Legend Cars on Sunday 10th May 2020. Like every gathering in Verona, it will be an opportunity for sharing and celebrating. It will be the very Lancia enthusiasts who will bring their gems to the exhibition space and have them on show for all visitors to see.
Lancia is one of the most important brands in Italian history and for decades it has prioritised comfort, elegance and innovation on the global car racing scene.
When we think of Lancia, we think of the Aurelias - currently on show at the Mauto in Turin for the 70th celebration of the model - the coupé series B20 connected to the Mille Miglia race, and the B24 convertible which appeared in the famous movie "Il Sorpasso - The Overtaking". Fulvia - the car that led Sandro Munari to victory in Montecarlo in 1972 against all odds given how outdated it was for the time - was manufactured by Lancia. Delta is another one of Lancia's products and it happens to be the car which won the most rallies in the world with six consecutive world victories. Delta, which was manufactured between 1979 and 1992, is also a very popular model for collectors and it acts as a sort of connection between generations, bringing together the world of "classic" vintage cars and the Youngtimers.
But Lancia's story is so much more: for many generations it was the "presidential" car and the brand that created the genius Lancia Y: a utility car in terms of size, but fanciful, exciting and luxurious from every other aspect. Designed by Fumia in 1995, it launched the "Kaleidos project", giving the possibility to choose from over 100 colours for car interior and exterior combinations.
This is the power of Lancia's legacy: it is a brand that excites like few others can and its inestimable heritage is on show at Verona Legend Cars. To take part in the event, contact the Lancia Club secretariat.


A Verona la nuova generazione di classiche che piace ad una nuova generazione di appassionati